Willow Springs Farm, Vineyard & Spa Is Waiting For You

Dear Visitors

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. I want to introduce you to a unique place that reached out and touched my heart in a very special way. I was a longtime California resident who for 15 years successfully wrote, executive produced and hosted my own television show on Cox Cable in Orange County, California. My life was fulfilling in many ways and thanks to the computer age I knew that I could continue producing from anywhere in the country. I also knew that I was ready for something dramatically different and hopefully soul satisfying.

In 2005, I fell in love with a breathtakingly beautiful 44 acre farm in Danville, Kentucky.

I purchased Willow Springs Farm because it awakened my imagination and fulfilled my wish to live in an environment of calm and peaceful beauty and, I was certain that I wasn't alone. I knew that with a little nurturing, I could have and share this incredible setting with family, friends and visitors. Willow Springs Farm is a haven for people who are looking for a serene, one of a kind experience. I am happy to say that dreams for the farm are coming true!

Visitors stay in our upscale guest-house.

I want to share this beautiful location with others who are looking to get back to nature and unplug from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Retired thoroughbred horses grazing in the fields, vineyards producing grapes for Kentucky wine, spa facilities and a beautiful retreat to walk, rest and play are just some of the reasons to come and stay with us.

I know you will emerge refreshed, carrying beautiful memories that will linger long after you leave Willow Springs Farm, Vineyard & Spa.
Kathy Schaefer - Willow Spring Farm in Danville, KY